About us / 古谷研のご紹介

By furuya, 2015年5月9日




建築家・早稲田大学教授 古谷 誠章


Furuya Laboratory is a laboratory in Department of Architecture, Waseda University, which focuses on architectural space. We not only study widely about architectural spaces, but we constantly apply our study achievements on practical design and planning for new architectural designs.

Many people from different age, gender, characteristic, and nationality gather in our laboratory. We think that it is important to improve by learning from others, by competing with each other, and by having fun.

Our laboratory started in 1994 when I came back to Waseda University, as an inherited laboratory of Hozumi Laboratory. Including the current students in master’s course, there are more than a total of 200 people as the laboratory member.I would like to think about what architecture could do to make the people living there happy, with diligent active students of my laboratory, who are following the successful alumni and alumnae working throughout the world.

Architect/ Professor of Waseda University, Nobuaki Furuya